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Online Safety:Top 10 Things NOT To Post Online

10. Your Photo

Social networking sites like Facebook make it a lot easier to share photos with your friends, but think before you post. Only share photos with friends you know offline and make sure you c out your privacy settings—don’t let randoms snoop through your albums!

9. Your Journal

You might think that it’s safe to start an anonymous blog all about your life, but be careful. It’s easy to figure out who you are based on a few details. If you do decide to keep an online journal, make sure it’s pword protected and only share it with your friends.

8. Your Schedule

Don’t post your cl schedule or when you’re planning to show up for basketball practice—you never know what creeps might show up.

7. Gossip

Cyberbullying is a serious form of harment. If you need to vent about a clmate, call a friend to gripe instead of posting the rant online. You’ll spare the victim and save yourself some majorl legal trouble!

6. Party Details

Just like your cl schedule, this kind of info should only be shared with your real life friends. Be careful about making public postings about parties. Word can spread fast—and not always to people you want showing up at your house.

5. Your School

Don’t ever post the name of your school. No one needs to know that info, especially the weirdos that want to freak out kids by showing up on school grounds.

4. Your Address

Keep this info on the down low.

3. Your Phone Number

Unless you want creepy phone calls in the middle of the night, keep your phone number off the Internet.

2. Your Pwords

Don’t even tell your pwords to your best friend. You could get in a fight and they might decide to break into your accounts as a joke.

1. Where You Are Right Now

This is the most important thing not to post. Although it’s tempting to tweet or post a status update about the awesome ice cream you’re eating on Main Street, you shouldn’t broadcast your location to the whole world. You never know who might be listening.

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